Best Kendamas for Sale Online in 2016

Pill Kendama

blue pill kendama-min

Terra Blue

Pill kendamas, invented by Terra, are the biggest innovation the ancient toy has ever seen. One of the most popular types of kendama, the pill’s continued rapid growth in popularity seems unstoppable. It is the best kendama for those who have already mastered the standard kendama. The top part of the pill functions as the ball, allowing for much tricker balances which would not be possible with a traditional kendama. New pill tricks are being invented all the time by a passionate community.

Marble Kendama

Kaleb USA Full Blue Ocean Marble Kendama And Extra String

Kaleb Blue

This blue kendama is from the trusted brand Kaleb USA. This is a traditional size (7.25″) wood kendama. It is possible to buy cheaper marble kendamas however they will not be as durable and the paint will chip a lot more easily. Even though the paint on Kaleb kendamas is much less likely to chip, it is still a good idea not to practice tricks when standing on concrete or other hard surfaces.

Plastic Kendama

Plastic Kendama catchy air blue green

Catchy Air

The Catchy Air kendama made by YoYo Factory is the first high performance plastic kendama to be released. At 7 inches long it is a quarter of an inch smaller than a standard kendama. Plastic is more durable than classic wood kendamas and there’s no paint to chip. The inside of the cup has a rubber ring which makes catches much easier. The unique construction balances the kendama’s weight extremely evenly, the weight of the ken and tama are within one gram of each other. The superior weighting makes even advanced tricks much more attainable. Plastic kendamas are the best kendamas for small children where a wood tama could hurt their hands.

Light Up Kendama

catchy air kendama led light up

LED Catchy Air

There are light up kendamas for sale in a range of different colors at eBay. These futuristic LED kendamas would be particularly good for those who like making videos displaying their tricks. Performing tricks outside at night or in a dark room would make for a very cool video.

Bamboo Kendama

Kendama Tribute - Bamboo - Natural


The Tribute bamboo kendama by Kendama USA is made with natural Bamboo. Bamboo not only looks great but it is strong and durable. A metal rod through the spike and cup prevents the two parts from separating, a feature that cheap kendamas don’t have. This is a good beginner kendama, it handles well so tricks like handrolls, stilts, lighthouses, and lunars, will be easy to learn. The Tribute model is available in a range of colors. For more, check out our guide on tribute kendama.


Bahama Kendama Tide rubber pink

Tide by Bahama Kendama

This all pink kendama is covered in thick rubber paint making it the perfect sticky kendama. You will be able to master advanced tricks thanks to the sticky rubberized design. This model is slightly shorter than average, at 6.4 inches, the smaller size combined with the rubber coating make the Tide one of the best kendamas for kids. A rubber kendama has the added benefit of making it harder to damage.

Cracked Kendama

Kaleb black and red cracked kendama

Black and Red

A modern update for an ancient toy, this cracked Kendama from Kaleb is black with a red lightning strike pattern. Kaleb kendamas are all well constructed and built to last. Cracked kendamas come in a range of colors including; purple and light blue, red and gold, green and natural, blue and red, and black and gold, to list just a few. All styles are for sale at eBay.


Clear Acrylic Kendama with Black Glazed Handle


This model has a clear acrylic ball and black glazed beechwood handle. It is standard size at 7.25 inches. There’s no performance advantage with acrylic balls, it’s all about style. Kaleb has a range of acrylic Kendamas, including; all blue, all red, and natural wood.


Jumbo Kendama metallic gold


This shiny Kendama is the best kendama for those who want something a bit flashier than plain wood and primary colored, standard paint. The metallic surface will catch the light and make your tricks look even more impressive.


Kotaro Kendama Natural Horizontal Walnut Striped

Striped Kendamas come in all sorts of designs, there are natural wood designs which combine different colors of wood, metallic designs, designs in flag colors, as well as every combination of thin and thick stripes.


Kaleb Lollipop Kendama red and white


Younger children will love this brightly colored design. A swirling lollipop pattern on the ball gives the lollipop kendama its name. A plastic construction will avoid paint chipping and also avoid the small knicks and dents that wooden kendamas are prone to.