Best Pill Kendamas for sale online

The pill kendama is an invention from Terra Kendama. The Terra pill toy does not have the cups that traditional kendamas have, instead there is a wide space around the spike where you can balance the cap.

blue pill terra kendama


This is the classic pill Kendama by Terra. A brightly colored cap and natural wood base is in keeping with the simplicity of the kendama itself. If you have already mastered the traditional kendama then the kendama pill lets you start again and learn a whole new set of tricks.

Jumbo pill kendama terra


At 5.5″ tall, 2.75″ wide, and 405 grams (14.3 ounces), the Jumbo kendama pill is big and pretty heavy. Standard pill kendamas are about two thirds of the size of the Jumbo pill kendama. This kendama is only suitable for older children an adults because the weight of the wood could easily hurt small fingers and hands, not to mention smaller children would find tricks difficult due to the weight. Balance and stall tricks are easier to perform on the Jumbo size and you will be able to come up with all sorts of tricks that wouldn’t be possible on the smaller models. If you are looking for standard jumbo kendama, then follow the link to read our guide for November 2018.

5 hole pill kendama green

Five Hole

The ancient wooden toy continues to evolve with the five hole pill kendama being its latest from. Five different holes provides a whole new range of ways to catch and balance the pill cap. For those who feel they’ve mastered the standard kendama this will be a fun new challenge. If you enjoy inventing new tricks you will especially enjoy 5 hole pill kendamas.

Terra Bamboo Pill Kendama natural


For a lot of people one of the main attractions of the kendama is that it’s a chance to play with something that’s not electronic and not made of plastic. Terra Kendama is a leading brand of natural wood kendamas made with high quality craftsmanship. This beautiful bamboo kendama is made of laminated stripes of dark and light bamboo. The durability of bamboo makes it ideal for Kendamas, it’s also a good weight with this model weighing just over 117 grams (4.1 ounces).

Terra Purpleheart pill kendama

Natural Purpleheart

This isn’t the cheapest pill kendama for sale but the beautiful natural purpleheart wood finished to a high standard is a must for collectors or those considering buying a premium kendama. Terra Kendama have pill kendamas available in a range of quality woods including; cherry wood, Zebrano, Wenge, Vera, and Padauk.

cherry wood pill kendama terra

Cherry Wood

This natural wooden kendama is made from cherry wood which is very dense, making it one of the most durable kendamas you can buy. The pill is unpainted so that you can see the natural grain of the wood. This is for players who like sturdy, heavy kendamas, at 7 ounces it’s one of the heaviest kendamas of this size.

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